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WebsiteLive on air now! Tune-in, call in. I am talking about the latest UFO that landed in Arizona. We have video and people that are there right now. This is amazing. Join the live chatroom. Call in via Skype.
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The Des Show!

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Welcome to The Des Show! Tonight I will be talking about Flat Earth.

Modern flat Earth societies consist of individuals who promote the idea that the Earth is flat rather than a sphere. Such groups date from the middle of the 20th century; some adherents are serious and some are not. Those who are serious are often motivat

I will start early tonight. Check listings

My guest will be Art Bell on the ghost line.

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12/31/2018 Phil - I love your show. I hope you will continue doing it.
04/06/2018 Lyne - Hello I love your show.
02/02/2018 David - I heard your show last night and thought it was interesting.
02/02/2018 Mark - How can I start my own show?
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