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WebsiteMOUNTAINEER RACE TRACK JULY 2, 2017. I will be handicapping each race. Playing 1970s music between races. I will make my slections about 5 minutes before post times.
Broadcast date and time:    April 16    

The Des Show!

Phone: Skype: the.des  

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Welcome to The Des Show! Tonight I will be talking about the Fake Moon Landings. Questions are: Did we really go? Why did they fake it? Also in hour 2 I will have Guss Grissom on the Spirit phone.

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04/06/2018 Lyne - Hello I love your show.
02/02/2018 David - I heard your show last night and thought it was interesting.
02/02/2018 Mark - How can I start my own show?
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