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WebsiteWarning once your eyes are opened there is no closing them, some people wish their eyes were not opened because it is hard to ignore what is really going on when you are awakened, however if like me you want to discuss or even learn the truth then this is the place for you.
Broadcast date and time:    June 25    

The Des Show!

Phone: the.des  

Show information

I will be broadcasting a live talk show Friday night, Feb 17, 2017 at Midnight in Awakening: Conspiracies, Prophecies, and Truths. I will discuss posts and comment on them. You can join the chat room, fast blast me and call in via Skype. Be there, or be l

I usually broadcast live at 9:00pm Pacific, 11:00pm Central time.

You can listen to my archived shows with the links below.

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Jun 24, 2017Archived 6/24/2017 This is a show about a guy who is nuts

Listener Comments
12/20/2016 Jkp - Hello how are you doing?
11/10/2016 Donald - The time is now. Contact me.
10/06/2016 adam12 - How do I get to do a live internet talk show like you? how do you you do it?
09/08/2016 James - How do you broadcast? Can you tell me?
09/08/2016 Des - Hello
09/06/2016 Mark - hello
09/05/2016 Mrak - You are so cool how do you do it?
06/23/2017 Bubba - Hey whats up?
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