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WebsiteBorn and raised in Washington D.C., Edward Woodson is distinguished by his lucid prose style, pertaining to but not limited to Politics, Government and Economics. He is a gifted interpreter of issues and values as they emerge in American Popular Culture. He is funny, yet takes things seriously but never takes himself too seriously.
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Edward Woodson

Phone: 877-317-6432  
Email: My email address

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TV/Radio Personality & Author Edward Woodson is the host of the nationally syndicated The Edward Woodson Show.

As a Lawyer, Investor, Actor, Model and Entrepreneur, Edward has the perfect eclectic blend of experience, insight, humor and laid back attitude. He is not afraid to say what others are thinking, making him today's most unique voice for exposing the naked

Not only is he easy to like for his enthusiasm and rare wit, but his mind moves swiftly connecting countless topics that form his high-energy, thought-provoking commentary generating laugh out loud reactions from both sides of an issue. He is a favorite a

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