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WebsiteFuck you this is going to be a great show! Alex Jones is going to hosting the first hour. In the second hour I will be using the Ghost Box to try and get Art Bell. I will have call-in line open.
Broadcast date and time:    January 24    


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Apr 3, 2021Archived 4/3/2021
Apr 17, 2021Archived 4/17/2021 Testing audio and stuff.
Dec 24, 2021Archived 12/24/2021
10 Dec 25, 2021Archived 12/25/2021

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12/26/2021 Bob - I have listened to all your shows
10/16/2021 Phil - When will you be doing a show with me?
08/23/2021 Bubba - I really like your show.
05/05/2021 Mark - I really like your show.
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